Our Products

Our extensive range of products include ornamental fish species, invertebrates and aquatic plants that live in different water conditions such as fresh water, brackish water, cold water and sea water. The main product of our company is Million Fish or the Rainbow Fish (Poecilia reticulata) which is widely and popularly known as “Guppy”.

Guppy is a tropical fish and one of the most sought-after fresh water fish species in the world. The monthly production of Guppy is approximately 1.5 million at our farm in Giriulla located in the north western part of Sri Lanka. Platy and Swordtail are the other popular species of fish that have high demand in the international market apart from Guppy. Sixty five years of industrial experience has enabled Lumbini to maintain high quality standards and to provide efficient service to the customer.

Upon the placement of order for any of our products, the delivery is made in less than a week’s time, albeit, flight availability may affect the promised date. The skilled, experienced and dedicated workforce of over 105 members at Lumbini is committed to deliver the best service to the customers. The Research and Development team contributes immensely to the product development through new researches and experiments. The team has managed to produce many new strains of fish such as Guppy, Platy and Sword Fish which gives the company a competitive advantage.

The state-of- the-art spacious marine facility which holds over 80,000 liters of water with the latest filtering systems, enables us to hold many varieties of marine fish and invertebrates in stock. A large base of collectors from all parts of the island ensures that we have the most sought-after varieties of fish available throughout the season.

Fresh Water Fish

Lumbini Aquaria specializes in forty species of Guppy (Million Fish/ Rainbow Fish) and produce them commercially.

In addition to our extensive collection of Guppy, we also breed and produce species such as swordtails, platies, Molly, Barb, Tetra, Gourami, Rainbow, Danio, Oscar, Discus and Betta (fighting fish).

In the endeavour of conserving the endangered fish species, Lumbini initiated a project for breeding such species. They are bred in captivity and exported.

Aquatic Plant

Aquatic Plants are one of our widely popular products in the international market which are grown under optimum conditions in our nurseries at Giriulla farm.

Cold Water Fish

Brackish water fish species are chiefly found in the lagoons of Sri Lanka which have high demand and in the international market. Brackish water fish species are collected on placing the order and exported with least delay.

Marine Fish & Invertebrates

Lumbini has a state-of –the-art storage facility to accommodate a wide-ranging species of marine fish and invertebrates. Hence, we are capable of catering to the demands of the customers right throughout the year in spite of seasonal where certain fish species are not abundantly available in sea. The Sea Water holding facility consists of filtering systems to enable the healthy living of fish in the make-shift sea environment. The facility of which the capacity is over 10,000 liters function as a quarantine unit to store marine fish and invertebrates prior to export.

Our marine fish and invertebrates are hand -picked by the experienced and eminent fish collectors in the waters of Sri Lanka. In executing Lumbini’s commitment to a sustainable aquatic ecosystem, the company strictly follows the environmental friendly fishing practices and refrains from adopting any destructive methods for catching fish such as poisoning.