Lumbini Aquaria

Lumbini Aquaria is the first ever ornamental fish and aquatic plants exporter in Sri Lanka which has been trading high quality fresh water, brackish water and marine ornamental fish species, invertebrates and aquatic plants to the international market since 1952.

The presence of Lumbini in the global market for 65 years has enabled the company to acquire a plethora of experience, technical know-how and the mastery over the trade in order to deliver high-grade live ornamental aquatic products to its customers all over the world. Strict quality assurance and trust have helped Lumbini retain its existing customer base and expand its business to new vistas.

Our R&D (Research and Development) Unit is staffed by qualified and experienced panel of aqua culturists who adhere to stringent quality controls and ensure high quality output. Lumbini has four farms that cultivate ornamental fish and span across 15 hectares that is located in close proximity to the Colombo International Airport.

Customer satisfaction is hundred percent guaranteed and the delivery is assured within seven days of placing of the order. Lumbini is acclaimed by the Ornamental Fish International (OFI) for its contribution to the industry as one of its founding members.


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Our Market

We export our live aquatic products chiefly to USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Japan, Australia and Middle Eastern countries. Trade experience of 65 years have endowed us with the capability of delivering a superior and excellent service to our valued customers who remained with us for over six decades with trust.